Family Reunites With Their Stolen Dog At Pet Adoption Event

Five months after their Pit bull mix was kidnapped, a Queen's family reunites with it at a Manhattan pet adoption event earlier this month.

When their 3-year-old pit bull mix, Mocha, was taken from them in January, the family of five was devastated. They hoped Mocha would return one day, but decided it was time to move on.

As a result, when the family arrived at the Animal Care Centers of New York City (ACC) adoption event in Manhattan's Union Square Park, they were pleasantly surprised to meet one of the canines who appeared to be a familiar face.

Credits: nyacc on Instagram

"We were in the city and heard about this event, and as we were driving, we were like, let's go check it out," the dog's owner, a husband, and father who did not want to be identified, told The Daily News.

"We had enough time, so we decided to ride over there and look around, not expecting to find Mocha." Just check around to see if we can find a puppy. And she was standing there when we walked in."

According to the owner of the lost dog, his wife made a remark about a dog that resembled Mocha. "I turned around, took a look, and said, 'That's Mocha,'" he explained.

Mocha immediately responded to her name, and when she realized her entire family was present, she perked her ears up and began bouncing in delight.

Fortunately, the family arrived at the correct time, and Mocha has yet to be adopted, despite being one of the staff's top picks for a new permanent home.

The ACC expressed their delight that Mocha has finally returned to her forever home after checking the family's evidence of ownership.

The ACC crew discovered the Pitbull mix tied up on New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn in May, according to The Daily News.

Mocha's attitude was described as "that of a true family dog" by volunteers and staff at the ACC, who called her Sandy.

Mocha was kidnapped in January when the family went on a week-long trip and left Mocha with a dog sitter. The dog sitter never returned the family's calls, and the family's dog died.

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