Why Does It Matter If Your Dog Enjoys Their Food?


Anyone who owns a dog knows that they're hardwired to eat some pretty disgusting things (cat feces, rubbish, dead animals), so it's difficult to picture a dog not enjoying its super-premium, meat-first, top-dollar, fancy uber super dog chow, right?

Pickiness at mealtimes is a regular issue for pet parents, and it is a huge source of worry when shopping for dog food. If you've ever stood in awe, starring down a row of dog food, unsure which bag to take home for your dog next - this post was written specifically for you with assistance from our colleagues at Zignature.

dish toppers and gravies can help make a dish more appealing, but if used improperly, they can add unneeded calories or introduce potential allergies for dogs who are sensitive to particular ingredients. As a result, it's critical to pick a diet that is not only healthy, balanced, and appropriate for your dog, but also tasty.

Some may find it absurd, yet many people question why dogs need to eat dog food. Why can't they simply eat with their humans? After all, they are omnivores, just like humans.

There are numerous reasons why your dog should be fed species-appropriate dog food:


Weight management :

To maintain their weight, dogs should consume approximately 25-30 calories per pound of body weight. As a result, a 10-pound chihuahua should consume 250-300 calories each day. A 70-pound lab mix would consume 1,750-2,100 calories per day — the same amount as an adult person! So long as you measure the amount you feed them, dog chow supplies them with their daily calories.

Vitamins and minerals :

Dogs have distinct dietary requirements that can only be met by the food they consume. Dogs, like people, get critical vitamins and minerals from food. And their requirements differ greatly from ours. Dogs, for example, need taurine in their diets to preserve their heart health and vision.

Proper nutrition :

Malnutrition and obesity can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. Feeding your dog a species-appropriate meal that is balanced and designed for dogs is the best method to maintain optimal nutrition.

Digestion :

Finally, food that is not intended for dogs may not be easily digested by them. Problems might range from minor, such as stinky toots, to severe, such as vomiting and diarrhea, or worse. Other times, "people's food" is poisonous to dogs. So, before you feed your pet with a fork, be sure it's safe for them to do so.

Now that you know you need to feed your dog food, Zignature has three tips to make your fussy pup love mealtimes:

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Enjoy Mealtimes More :


1) Feeding rotation

Imagine eating the same meal every day for the rest of your life. This is essentially what our dogs go through, so it's easy to understand why they get tired from their meals. As a result, zignature suggests rotational feeding, not just to keep dogs interested in their food, but also for health reasons.

The process of rotating (or swapping between) what you feed your dog is known as rotational feeding. For example, alternate between proteins like chicken, duck, and turkey.

Before altering your dog's food, you should usually make a gradual transition. However, with rotational feeding, you stick to the same brand and formulation to keep your dog from suffering from an upset stomach. Because several Zignature Formulas have comparable nutrient profiles, rotational feeding is simple and easy. That is, you can safely alternate between proteins, offering your dog a range of appetizing recipes to select from. Click here to learn more about Zignature's delicious and nutritious formulations.


2) Feeding in combination

Make your dog's meals more interesting by incorporating canned food into an otherwise all-dry diet. Wet food not only adds palatability and much-needed hydration, but it's also lower in calories, which is ideal for "big-boned" dogs who need to trim down. Remember that if you supplement your dog's dry food with canned food, you should serve them less dry food.

3) Provide them with snacks to entice them.

What would we do if we didn't have dog treats? They can be used to reinforce an existing bond, praise positive behavior, or help you create trust with a new dog. They are a huge aid when it comes to training your dog. To put it simply, goodies make dogs happy, which makes humans happy! They are far preferable to feeding your dog table scraps since they are far healthier...well, sometimes. Look for snacks that are as healthful and as high-quality as the food you feed, such as Ziggy Bars from Zignature. They are made with the same limited ingredient philosophy as their meal, and the first ingredient is meat.

Consult your veterinarian.

If your dog has always been a decent eater but has suddenly become finicky, the first thing you should do is take them to a veterinarian. Exclude any health conditions, dental disease, or other variables that could be causing finicky eating.

Choosing the Proper Food

Now that you've determined that your dog requires a species-appropriate diet that also tastes fantastic, Zignature suggests looking for food that:

  • Provides a wide range of formulae, allowing you to pick one or more that your dog enjoys.
  • Is designed for rotating feeding.
  • Has a limited number of components to meet nutritional requirements.
  • The very first ingredient is meat.
  • Premium components are used.
  • It provides dry food, wet food, and snacks.

Consider Zignature for assistance in selecting the best meal for your dog. Unlike many commercial pet feeds, Zignature recipes adhere to a limited-ingredient, meat-first philosophy to ensure your best buddy receives the best nutrition possible. Use their store locator to discover a merchant near you, or contact Zignature for a sample to try—your dog will appreciate it.

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