5 Unusual Pet Sports

Pet sports are typically associated with hunting dogs and agility. However, we are integrating our passions for both recreational exercise and dogs in novel and exciting ways. Doga, or yoga with dogs, is one type of exercise that incorporates both. It does not end there. When you, Fido, or Frisky are ready to skip the usual exercise routine or want something more strenuous than a game of Fetch, one of these five unconventional pet sports may be for you.

5 Weird or Unusual Pet-Related Sports

Cat Agility Instruction

If you've ever attempted to convince your cat to do something, you'll understand why the adage goes, "Just like herding cats." But did you know that some felines are ready to take their fitness to the next level and compete in cat agility competitions? That's correct. Cat agility is a sport in which cats navigate various agility obstacles while being led by their humans. Cats are scored based on their ability to complete each obstacle course as well as how quickly they complete the entire program.

Nosework for Dogs

Canine nose work can put your dog's exceptional sense of smell to the test. These competitions take advantage of a dog's inherent ability to sniff out many odors to locate several targets. Specialist schools teach dogs to recognize hundreds of different odors. These schools are very beneficial to canines who work with law enforcement.


Treibball is a competitive, positive reinforcement sport that developed in Germany. The object of the tribal is to collect eight huge balls and propel them down the field to a soccer goal. Each of these balls must be driven into the goal by a dog within a set amount of time. In 2008, this sport became competitive. It was created to improve a dog's herding abilities.


By teaching dogs to run cross-country distances, this activity puts both the dog and the dog owner to the test. Canicross is a cross-country running sport with dogs. It began as an exercise to keep mushing dogs (sled dogs) busy and well-trained during the summer months. Canicross can accommodate more than one dog at a time, but it can also be done with just one.

Canine Parkour

This extreme activity is popular among individuals who wish to live their lives on the edge, literally. You've probably seen this human kamikaze-style sport, in which participants run and jump over hurdles, skip along walls, and perform handstands and other acrobatics in fast succession.

Dogs are now included in the mix. Through jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling, and other exercises, dog parkour mixes canine agility with the sport of parkour. This tough game can be the final challenge for a fur friend for the fittest Fidos.

We hope some of these strange pet sports inspire you. Your pet may not be ready for these rigorous exercises, but it may inspire you to attempt something different rather than your typical pet exercise program. After all, variety is the spice of life, and your four-legged pal will love having some fun.

If you have any concerns regarding your pet's health or well-being, please contact your usual veterinarian.

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