Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food?

In a pinch, dogs can consume cat food, but it's best to avoid making it a regular component of your dog's diet. Because cats and dogs have distinct nutritional needs, feeding your dog cat food regularly can cause long-term health problems.

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Can Dogs Consume Cat Food?

Cat food (wet or dry) can be eaten by dogs as an occasional snack or in an emergency, but a long-term diet of cat food can cause health problems in your dog. Cats and dogs have distinct nutritional needs, and specialist pet meals address these differences.

Veterinarians may advise feeding underweight puppies cat chow for a set amount of time to encourage weight gain. A pet care specialist will tell you if your dog requires additional protein in their diet and if cat food is the best option for their health.

Is Cat Food Harmful to Dogs? Three Health Concerns

Dog owners should avoid feeding their dogs and cats daily because:

  1. Cat food can be harmful to your dogs health. Cats require more protein than dogs, so cat food contains more protein. Dogs who primarily eat cat food are more likely to develop high-protein health problems such as pancreatitis (pancreatic inflammation), liver damage, obesity, and kidney problems. Cat food can also induce gastrointestinal upset, flatulence, and diarrhea in dogs who have sensitive stomachs.
  2. A more diversified diet is required for dogs. While cats are "obligate carnivores," which implies that non-meat foods are bad for their health in the long run, dogs are omnivores, which means they need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Cat food is made out of a variety of meats, whereas dog food contains veggies and carbohydrates. If a dog's diet consists solely of cat food, he will be deficient in important nutrients.
  3. It exclusively contains nutrients for cats. Cats require different levels of vitamins and minerals than dogs; cats require more niacin and chemicals that dog breeds do not require, such as taurine and arginine.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Consumes Cat Food?

If you currently feed your dog cat food, gradually transition to dog food by adding one scoop of dog kibble (or wet dog food) and removing one scoop of cat kibble (or wet cat food) every few days. A gradual transition helps your dog's stomach adjust to the change and avoids the upset stomach that might occur with an abrupt change in food.

If your dog steals cat food from your cat's food bowl, try feeding them in different rooms, using a baby gate to temporarily separate them, or feeding your cat in an elevated spot out of reach of your dog, such as a cat tree.

Before You Share With Your Dog

Certain foods can trigger bad responses in dogs, so always check with your veterinarian before adding these items to your pet's diet. This material is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical or nutritional advice.

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