How To Keep Bunnies Out of Yard?


Rabbits are essentially harmless save for a few plant nibbles and a beautiful burrowed habitat. That doesn't make their presence on your lawn any less unpleasant. They like feasting on your meticulously tended flowers and plants, sometimes as much as a deer. So, if you've been dealing with Thumper and his ilk in your garden, here are a few lawn care methods you may incorporate into your routine. Oh, and did I mention the best part? There will be no need for trapping, shooting, or other horrific tactics!

Pro tip: Are you also dealing with deer? Here are some tips for keeping deer out of your yard.

You'll be saying goodbye to those bunnies in no time thanks to some handy advice from the Farmer's Almanac and the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Maintain the cleanliness of the plants

There are fewer weeds and extra leaves for rabbits to nibble on. Keep the plants trimmed and you'll prevent having too much food for the rabbits.

Mow frequently

Mowing will also aid in the removal of weeds and leaves. Keep the lawn short to avoid providing more food for rabbits.

Plant garlic or onions.

Rabbits are repulsed by these plants! They will be drawn away by the smell. So, if you've ever wanted to grow some onions or garlic for the kitchen, now's the time.

Sprinkle with dried sulfur, red pepper powder, or hair dye

Sulfur and red pepper are also repulsive to rabbits. The smell alone will keep rabbits away if you sprinkle some over your yard or shrubs. You may also try sprinkling some human hair on top. The hair resembles grass, so when rabbits eat it, they simply think it to be a bad taste of grass. They quit hopping over knowing that the "grass" is not what they want.

Make use of a reflector

Did you know rabbits are terrified of their reflection? As a result, you're likely to find elaborate reflecting devices at places like The Home Depot and Lowes. These reflectors (which are occasionally shaped like cats, snakes, or owls) can reveal the rabbit's reflection, scare the rodent away, and leave you with a wonderful piece of lawn art!

If you don't want a miniature animal statue, fill a transparent glass jar with water and position it near the rabbit's preferred feeding site. The reflection of the water in the jar will scare the rabbit away.

Get rid of all shelters

Rabbits enjoy burrowing, so if you have a rabbit problem, try to locate the source. You may easily get rid of rabbits by minimizing their chances of creating a home in your yard. With fewer suitable shelters, the rabbits will eventually go for good.

Construct a fence

Building a fence around the house is the oldest and most dependable trick in the book. A barrier will keep the rabbits out while also keeping other forest critters like deer out. Just make sure there aren't any gaps they can fit through!

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