How To Potty Train A Rabbit?

How Can I Housebreak My Rabbit?

Believe it or not, rabbits, like cats, can be trained to use a litter box!

Is your rabbit spayed or neutered before you start housetraining it? Fixed rabbits have significantly less of a problem spraying urine around the house than unfixed rabbits. Housetraining intact rabbits is more challenging.

If not, consult a rabbit-experienced veterinarian about getting your rabbit spayed or neutered.

  • You'll need the following items to housetrain your rabbit:
  • Litter pans (cat litter pans work great, but no covers!)
  • Litter (for example, kiln-dried pine pellets or recycled paper pellets)
  • Tons of hay (Timothy hay is ideal)

Housetraining your rabbit:

  1. Fill the bottom of the litter box with about an inch of pellets. Cover with a thick layer of hay. The hay actually makes your rabbit want to use the litter box more. While going to the restroom, rabbits will naturally want to nibble on the hay.
  2. The rabbit in the litter boxPlace the litter box in one of your rabbit's cage's corners. Larger cages and cages with numerous levels will require multiple boxes. Place the box in the corner of your rabbit's cage where she is already peeing. If she starts peeing in another corner, you may need to shift the box or place another box there.
  3. Keep your rabbit in her cage until she is consistently utilizing her litter box. Once you're comfortable that she's utilizing it consistently, you can give her additional room to explore.
  4. Allow your rabbit to leave her cage when she is ready. Place a litter box in her free-run area as well. Use the same strategy with this space as you did with her cage: start small and gradually increase her space after she is consistently going to the potty in her litter boxes.

A word on poop: Some rabbits will continue to poop outside their litter boxes for territorial reasons. You can always pick up the excrement and deposit it in the litter box, but the behavior may never totally disappear.

Every day, replace the hay in your rabbit's litter boxes. Use a bunny-safe cleanser, such as white vinegar, to clean the boxes at least every other day.

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