Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak?

OK, your guinea pig may not speak English or any other human language, but you know he or she is communicating with you. Although not as talkative as a dog, guinea pigs produce plenty of noises to communicate their feelings or desires. The high-pitched shriek is one of the most prevalent noises. You've probably heard the iconic guinea pig squeal as a guinea pig friend. Many guinea pig aficionados refer to this as wheeking. Other names for it include whistling and weeping. Wheek! Wheek! You know what your guinea pig wants when you hear this. It's usually a request for food. When a squeal becomes more urgent and frantic, it can indicate dread. What's the deal with the squeal?

Uncover why guinea pigs squeak - from communication to joy. Explore their adorable vocalizations!

Squeals of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are not to be trifled with. They observe and learn from you as well as their surroundings. If you offer them pellets or a treat at the same time every day, they will become accustomed to it and look forward to it. If you do not present at the scheduled time, wheeking may begin. If you do appear and open the refrigerator or food bin, this can also result in wheezing. The guinea pigs are ecstatic to be able to eat! Your guinea pigs may squeal when they encounter you, possibly seeking a pet or attention. A pleased squeak makes guinea pigs and you happy. What exactly is wheeking?

A squeal is one of the sounds guinea pigs make when they are scared. It differs from the less-stressed week in that it is louder and more frenetic. A screeching guinea pig requires aid, so figure out what's wrong and strive to soothe your tiny pal down. Contact your veterinarian if the cause of the squealing is not evident. Your guinea pig could be sick.

If your guinea pig has been cleared by the veterinarian but still squeals, look into the various causes. Examine the world through the eyes, ears, and nose of your guinea pig. Is there something you can't see, hear, smell, or feel upsetting your beloved pet? Be careful that guinea pigs have more keen senses than humans. People hear from 64 to 23,000 Hertz, whereas guinea pigs hear from 54 to 50,000 Hertz. Guinea pigs have a better sense of smell than humans, with 796 genes dedicated to sniffing versus 396 for humans.

Determine Your Guinea Pigs' Normal

The frequency and causes of guinea pig wheeking vary from person to person. According to a Reddit debate, some guinea pigs wheek frequently, while others are quite quiet; some wheek at the opening of a door or the sound of breathing, while others only wheek to beg for food or hardly wheek at all. Learn what is normal for each of your guinea pigs. If this abruptly changes, attempt to figure out why. Possible factors include environmental changes or your guinea pig becoming ill.

Some guinea pigs are boisterous, as some people have remarked, and as you may have already experienced. For such a small animal, the volume it can produce is amazing. The book "Ferrets, Rabbits, And Rodents Clinical Medicine And Surgery" claims that guinea pigs have modest vocal folds but can "command a wide range of vocalizations." You aren't even hearing all of the sounds they can create, no matter how loud they are. Some guinea pig noises are ultrasonic and out of human hearing range, but other guinea pigs can hear them, according to the Tree of Life online project.

Vocal abilities necessitate more than just vocal folds. Another important factor is a healthy set of lungs. Guinea pig lungs differ somewhat from human lungs. Guinea pigs' right lung has four lobes and their left lung has three. The right lung in humans has three lobes, while the left has two.

A member of the herd

Guinea pigs are friendly herd animals, which could explain some of the sounds they make. You want to speak with your friends! Scientists have found between 7 and 11 unique noises, and a YouTuber going by the handle skinnypigs1 posted a video in which he discussed 13 guinea pig sounds. The video has received almost 400,000 views.

If you live with guinea pigs, you are a member of the herd. Your guinea pigs are speaking with you, and as you observe and strive to think like your piggie, your understanding of guinea pig language will increase.

Vocalizations of Guinea Pigs on the Internet

The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue recorded nine sounds representing a happy pig, a curious pig, a hungry pig, and so on. The rescue suggests comparing the sounds to those of your guinea pigs to help you figure out what they're feeling.

Think you're hearing everything your guinea pig says? Consider again. According to the Tree of Life Web Project, guinea pigs can produce ultrasonic (over 20,000 Hertz) sounds.

The word week has a definition in the Urban Dictionary, and it's pretty much what you'd think.

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