A Fire Kills Five Show Dogs Just Days Before The Florida Dog Show

On Tuesday, June 13, the day before the American Kennel Club (AKC) All-Breed Dog Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, five show dogs perished in an RV fire.

The incident was discovered Tuesday afternoon, and according to Hillsborough County incident Rescue spokesperson Rob Herrin, all of the victims were highly coveted boxers.

Also lost in the fire were Rummer Run's Rabble Rouser ("Rabble"), Bimberg's Jubilant Perfect Ten for YDK ("Zehnna"), Rummer Run's Jingle Jangle ("JJ"), GCHB CH Raineylane's Simply Irresistible ("Iris"), and Alcher Gentry Cabaret V TMAC ("Shimmer").

According to Herrin, spectators spotted smoke pouring from the RV's vents and sought to enter the vehicle, but were unable to do so due to the smoke and flames.

Herrin further stated that by the time firefighters arrived at 2:45 p.m., "flames had taken over about 50 percent of the vehicle."

Many people's hearts have been devastated as a result of the catastrophe, particularly those in the dog world.

"We are aware of the tragic incident that occurred in the parking lot at the Tampa Fairgrounds in which dogs perished," AKC spokesperson Brandi Munden told CNN. "Our hearts are with those affected, both human and canine."

Many dog lovers and owners have expressed their sorrow and are even contributing funds for the handlers through a fundraising campaign.

Many dog lovers and owners have expressed their sorrow, and a GoFundMe account has been set up to help the handlers.

One of Iris' breeders, Beth Henderson Downey, commented on Facebook, "We had special plans for Iris that would have continued her lines and kept mine alive as well." Those dreams have now been shattered in an 8-minute catastrophe, and Iris and the other four canines who died will never return home."

"Hearts will mend but never fully heal," she continued, "but the prayers and support of friends and family are comforting in this time of incredible pain and heartbreak."

No humans were allegedly wounded in the tragedy, and the fire did not affect any other RVs.

Herrin stated that the inquiry into the particular cause of the fire is still ongoing, but that it was all an accident.

The American Kennel Club's All-Breed Dog Show was set to begin on Wednesday, June 14, and run through the weekend at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

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