How Do I Give My Dog Up?

You can give up your dog by bringing him to a shelter or rescue group for animals. It's crucial to understand what will happen if you give your pet to a shelter or rescue organization and to be aware that there are other options. Most facilities demand a fee, and others don't accept walk-in surrenders. It's necessary to phone in advance to find out the policies of the animal welfare organizations close to you because this differs by location.

How To Surrender A Dog

Making phone contact with the organization to inform them that you wish to turn in your dog is the first step. They may interview you extensively about the dog and the circumstances surrounding his surrender. You can proceed with bringing the animal to the shelter or rescue if the facility doesn't respond.

As more animal welfare organizations come to see the value of encouraging dog owners to keep their pets at home, they may offer or propose speaking with someone who can help you resolve the problems that are motivating them to give up the dog. They might guide how to train pets, where to find childcare centers, how to get financial aid and other issues. If you want to learn more about how to address some typical dog ownership concerns, you can also consult our Dog Tips page.

You'll bring the dog to the facility, pay a fee, and sign the pet over to the organization once the choice to surrender is made and the shelter has consented to receive the animal.

The pet's future is out of your hands after you depart. Sadly, a lot of healthy animals are put at risk of being put to death after being abandoned. Some people are terrified of the surroundings in the shelter, which can make a typically well-behaved dog act aggressively out of fear. Such conduct lessens the dog's chances of being adopted. The fortunate canines will be placed in new homes, but you won't get to choose the kind of family that gets to adopt your pet.

Options Besides

If you can't keep your dog, other solutions will give your pet a better chance of a happy ending than giving him up.

Locate a Rescue Organization

Because they are privately owned organizations, rescues differ from shelters like the city pound in that they give dogs as long as necessary to find their forever homes. Because of this, it may be challenging to find a rescue that has room for your pet, but it is worthwhile to try.

Place the Dog on Your Own

This is frequently the best choice if you are prepared to put in the time to find a new home for your pet. When taking this path, it is crucial to:

  • Must pause before announcing the adoption of your dog on Facebook pages or Craigslist. Some persons trawl these websites in search of animals to give to a lab, use for dog fighting, or other undesirable purposes. If you want to go this path, you should exercise prudence and thoroughly examine every application.
  • Give your dog a rehoming fee instead of giving it "free to a good home"
  • NOT to adopt a family for your dog without first checking references and thoroughly vetting them.

Even while it may seem overwhelming, there are tools available to make the process simpler and guarantee that your dog will be loved, protected, and cared for in his new home. Rehome is a website that assists responsible pet owners in finding their animals-loving new homes. Rehome is a terrific resource for anything from tips on adopter screening to establishing a profile to get your pet seen.

Even devoted pet owners might find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to surrender or rehome a dog. If that applies to your scenario, think about taking the necessary measures to locate your pet in the ideal home, so you'll know you gave it your all.

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